Nowadays, environmental product is becomes more important to us and for using environmental product to increase the environmental protection consciousness. Finally, the non-woven industry thought is important, its air permeability replace tradition cotton fabric and paper, durable fabric, cushion, softness, slight, toughness, except moisture. Furthermore, it is may circulate does again makes.
We specially provide various non-woven product. Our factory to makes the product request to be very high, can does according to the customer request for the sample, including disposable apron, the travel bag, handbag, storage bag, coat cover, shopping bag, and so on.
On all products and the bag's printing, design and the color, which may choose whatever you to like and is special make for you.
We, New Growth Co., welcome you for any inquire and the order, we guaranteed will give you the best quality, the reasonable price and the outstanding service.
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